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Our highly trained staff will help guide you when you visit us in-store, or use our online equipment ski, ski clothing and snowboard hire form to pre-book. It is important that the ski/board is appropriate to the ability level of the rider. Our equipment is well maintained using our state of the art Wintersteiger tuning machines.

Tuning and repairs

It is important that all snow equipment is properly maintained in order that it performs as expected. For privately owned equipment, we offer full service tuning and repairs for all types of skis and boards carried out by our professional employees. Base grinds, edge sharpening and waxing can be done overnight or ‘on the spot’ if time permits. We are able to return a base to ‘like new’ condition.

Laser waxing

Our Montana Laser Waxer is efficient and delivers and excellent outcome for all skis and boards. Equipment should be waxed every 5-8 days of use. Our laser waxer allows higher penetration and absorption of the wax into the base.

Gear exchange - try before you buy!

Don’t get stuck with equipment you don’t like! If you rent our demo package, at George’s we are happy to exchange demo skis OR demo boards at no additional cost during your rental period. We have all the big brands and most popular models. It means you can try several premium skis/boards on the one day! And then have the option to purchase that same ski/board, if you really like it. We will even take off the rental paid from the purchase price!

If you wish to swap between skiing and snowboarding, we can also assist here. It usually only takes 10-15 minutes to swap equipment so you just need to drop into our store. Out location makes it easy! There is an associated charge of $35 to swap.

Boot problems?

We carry multiple brands, fits and models to help sort your feet out. The sooner you identify an uncomfortable fit, the quicker you address it, the better the outcome! Again, our store location makes it a simple and quick solution.


Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services


We have gear for any level, find out your best set up!

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